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More accurate, more powerful, more useful than any other sales assessment tool, the Sales Force Profile is the one "must have" tool for your sales organization.

analysis of individual's strengths & weaknesses

The Salesperson Evaluation

This evaluation is a comprehensive analysis of an individual salesperson's strengths and weaknesses as they relate to selling and business development. Each finding is accompanied by an example which explains how the strength or weakness affects the salesperson in the field and/or on the phone. In addition, the findings are then followed by suggestions and directions as to how the individual might begin to overcome the problem to achieve more effective outcomes or results.

how will your salespeople be in action?

The Sales Force Profile

This is a summary of the individual evaluations and cuts right to the point of what will happen to your salespeople when they are actually selling. It shows whether your salespeople will execute the skills they have. It indicates whether your salespeople will be able to change (improve), by how much and whether or not each of them will become more effective than they currently are.

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