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Quote "We specialize in helping businesses create turnkey, systemized environments and have consistently found that most companies and individuals do not have a systematic, consistent and effective method for selling. Over the last 10 years we have found Sandler Training to be hands down the best selling process for individuals and businesses available today. Personally, Sandler Training changed my life. I realize that is a strong statement to make about anything. Knowing and utilizing Sanlder has given me so much confidence and control over the selling process. I am no longer guessing and hoping that I prospect will buy, I know exactly the results that will take place each step of the way. No more wasting time with prospects that aren't going to buy. In addition, my personal income is now 10 times what it was when I started Sandler." Quote

Eden Sunshine

Our History

David H. Sandler, founder of the Sandler Sales Institute, began sales training and developing the Sandler Selling System in the late '60s and early '70s. He created an extraordinary sales training program for small and mid-sized companies, Fortune 500 corporations, and individual non-selling professionals.

Sandler expanded our marketplace impact in 1983 by franchising our proprietary training programs as the Sandler Sales Institute. In 1995, David Sandler died, but his legacy lives on through the entrepreneurial network of approximately 160 Sandler trainers and consultants who continue to deliver exceptional training to the marketplace.

Executive Team

Sandler Systems, Inc. is headed by the senior management team of Edna Sandler, President/CEO; Lee Brubaker, Senior Vice President/COO; David Mattson, VP of Sales; Bruce Seidman, VP of Research, Development and Branding; and Margaret Stevens Jacks, Vice President of International Development.

1967 - David H. Sandler, a salesman of motivational materials, rejects the "forced, rote" sales method he has been taught and begins to create a "better way to sell."

1969 - Sandler formally consolidates his newly refined sales methods and approach into the Sandler Selling System.

1969 - Sandler launches The President's Club, a comprehensive sales training program that teaches the Sandler Selling System and helps members achieve sales mastery through an ongoing workshop and coaching format that provides vital reinforcement training.

1983 - Sandler forms Sandler Systems, Inc. to provide in-house training in the Sandler Selling System. U.S. companies, as well as overseas firms, soon sign up for training.

1983 - Sandler Systems, Inc. creates the Sandler Sales Institute to franchise its training centers and unique reinforcement training methods throughout the United States and Canada.

1995 - Dutton publishes Sandler's book, "You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar," which tells the story of the development of the Sandler Selling System.

1997 - Sandler's President's Club course curriculum becomes the first training program in the world to receive certification through an international accrediting body recognized by the Dutch Council for Accreditation.

1999 - The Sandler Sales Institute publishes "Close The Deal," a book written in collaboration with Lyle Sussman and Sam Deep.

1999 - Sandler Sales Institute formally incorporates the best elements of advanced adult learning theory into its most popular course materials.

2000 - Sandler Systems, Inc. forms a strategic alliance with leading Client Relationship Management software developer SalesLogix®. The Sandler SolutionPack allows SalesLogix® customers to overlay the Sandler Selling System onto their SalesLogix® programs.

2000 - Sandler Sales Institute produces an audio program that is being sold through Nightingale - Conant.

2001 - Sandler International, a division of Sandler Systems, Inc., under the leadership of Edna Sandler, President and CEO, and Margaret Stevens Jacks, Vice President of International Development, is formed. Sandler International initiates, manages and directs all overseas training activities on behalf of the Sandler Sales Institute; provides direct in-house sales and sales management training to multinational or overseas organizations; and builds the Sandler International area developer network.

2001 - Entrepreneur Magazine names Sandler the "Number One Management Training Franchise in America" for the fifth time.